S CAP® is an impact investor focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility to bring about a social change in the Environmental, Food & Biotech industries. In just a few years S CAP® has earned an industry-wide reputation for balancing impact, innovation and growth powered by a vision to use impact investing that brings about a social change. S CAP® uses disruptive technologies to develop applications for Food Processing, Wastewater Effluent treatment across verticals like Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Agriculture, Municipalities, and Manufacturing to name a few. We focus on Food Pathogen detection along with the reduction of Fats, Oils & Grease (FOGs), Surfactants, and Absolved Metals for industrial water usage. Built on our team’s decades of experience means we can identify and develop applications with early stage Biotech & Clean-tech startups in Food, Wastewater Effluent Treatment, Agriculture, Scientific Research and other disciplines with the potential to treat disease and provide global access to nurturing clean food and clean water while maintaining ethical sustainability.

We are Committed to Social Responsibility.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at S CAP® involves partnering with disruptive technologies to bring about significant social change. CSR is becoming more main-stream as forward thinking companies focus on sustainability as their core business. Sustainability is important for both, people and businesses, to succeed. Communities are struggling with problems that are multifaceted. As awareness increases, so does the focus on CSR by entrepreneurs. Its all about giving back something to the society through the environment & applications, that are our core focus, our raison d’être.

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