S CAP® is an impact investor focusing on being the social change in the Food & Beverage, Life Science and Clean Tech industries. We help extraordinary entrepreneurs build companies around healthy, nutritional eating, drinking clean water, and introducing solutions that focus on preventive health.

In just a few years S CAP® has earned an industry-wide reputation for using impact investing by being the change agent, where behavior change is the objective. We use disruptive products to “Make a Living, not a Killing” by partnering with entrepreneurs and addressing their capital, manufacturing, integration, supply chain and distribution needs, while focusing on “The Consumer” all the time.

S CAP® invests in people over deals, it is never too late to talk to us. Our strategy is all about staying connected, wired and obsessed with getting that successful EXIT.

There is never a dull moment with us, start here- scap@scap.nyc

We are Committed to Social Responsibility.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at S CAP® involves partnering with disruptive products to bring about significant social change. CSR is becoming more main-stream as forward thinking companies focus on sustainability as their core business. Sustainability is important for both, people and businesses, to succeed. Communities are struggling with problems that are multifaceted. As awareness increases, so does the focus on CSR by entrepreneurs. Its all about giving back something to the society through the environment & products, that are our core focus, our raison d’être.

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