• Who is S CAP

    S CAP® is an impact investor that invests in disruptive technology to bring about a social change.


  • Kunal Sethi

    Kunal Sethi

    Founder + CEO

    Member at Angel Capital Association, Westchester Angels, American Waterworks Association, Water Environment Federation, New York Bio and New York Academy of Sciences.. An Impact Investor in disruptive technologies to bring about a social change and the founder of S CAP NYC with nearly 15 years of financial experience focusing on Life Science and Environmental Science, Kunal believes in investing & partnering with technologies to bring about a social change. This journey began with MetLife that led to managing investments at banks like ABN AMRO, RBS and ANZ for High Net worth Individuals & Institutions. The transition to Social Entrepreneurship began with a couple of angel investments, he realized problems in the way we diagnose & treat diseases and identified the industrial necessity of food safety and treating & reusing water. From thereon Impact Investing became Kunal's focal point of interest. By combining his banking experience with a lifelong passion for science, he chose to be part of the solution by investing all his savings to start S CAP. Originally from India, he moved to Singapore and finally to New York, to “ Make a Living, Not a Killing” in the Impact Investing world. Today, Kunal invests & partners with early- growth stage companies in Life Science, Clean Tech & Food Safety to bring about a social change using Impact Investing.

  • Anil Alim

    Anil Alim


    Anil has over 30 years of experience in operations with expertise in process efficiency and relationship-building. He is one of only 1000 individuals in the UK to hold the Chartered Director title. His previous board level positions in private equity backed businesses makes him expertly aligned to nurture start-up growth.

  • Ashok Kulkarni

    Ashok Kulkarni


    Ashok epitomizes S CAP®’s philosophy of “making a living, not a killing.” After more than three decades building a career with Shell Corporation, he brings vast experience in the prevention of oil spills and decontamination, as well as Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), to our plans for developing wastewater applications in the manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas industries. Our top board member’s skills include safety management, change management and downstream oil and gas management, the refining, purification, processing, marketing and distribution portion of the refinement process. Through his role as Downstream Road Safety Manager with Shell, Ashok has developed strong relationships in Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, the U.K., Dubai and more than 10 other countries in the Middle East and Africa. Trained as a chemist, earlier in his career he worked for Lubrizol, an additive manufacturer, as well as with HDPE extrusion and injection molding and industrial perfume manufacturing. His broad industry experience will strengthen S CAP® in the due diligence process to determine efficacy and market readiness of the applications within our portfolio.

  • Dorian Smith-Garcia

    Dorian Smith-Garcia

    Marketing Development

    Dorian heads S CAP®’s marketing development, which includes developing marketing & sales campaigns, overseeing industry & consumer outreach and key organization partnerships. Her responsibilities include driving awareness of S CAP® and our applications by securing press coverage in trade publications and consumer focused outlets; coordinating event opportunities for speaking engagements and exhibitions, and establishing and maintaining partnerships within the impact community. Before joining S CAP®, Dorian launched a multi-faceted marketing consultancy that develops market entry strategies for Asian brands to launch in the U.S. by leveraging networks and relationships with Fortune 500 Firms like Microsoft, and Viacom as well as burgeoning influential networks. She holds extensive experience in marketing and public relations and specializes in influencer marketing to the millennial demographic.