Skills & Capital to Accelerate Performance


S CAP is an impact investor focused on the exciting Food & Beverage and Clean Tech sectors. We have a better venture investment model that offers higher returns than traditional VC.

We are a highly differentiated venture investment company that specifically addresses the reasons why new companies fail.

Our own operational expertise, combined with our world class network of subject matter advisors, forges deep engagement with our entrepreneurs to develop better plans, and execute with excellence. We are better able to control the outcomes from our investments into our portfolio companies, thereby deliver better business results to our Limited Partners.

We are committed to accelerating businesses that are positively impacting our world with healthier, all-natural, high-integrity products. Our goal is to achieve sustainability for entrepreneurs while accomplishing higher ROI for our limited partners.

Where We Play

S CAP is Focused on Two High-Growth Sectors


Core areas of interest for the S CAP F&B fund are disruptive Snacking, Functional Beverages, Technology-Enabled Food Experiences, and Nutritious Meal Enhancements with a scientific approach.

We address the challenges of Clean Tech—including clean water, clean air and clean energy—with the goals of sustainability, social impact and a healthy environment.


Why Do New Companies Fail?

New company failure rates are high: 20% in the first year, 50% by year 5


Every successful start-up needs a strong CEO/Founder and an innovative disruptive proposition that fills a market opportunity. But even companies with these essential pieces still fail. Research indicates leading factors that cause failure are:

• Insufficient capital
• Weak teams
• Operational mistakes

Why is This?

Entrepreneurs spend too much time fundraising and not enough time building their business ahead. The traditional early stage funding process is too short term focused and complex for entrepreneurs. This issue is amplified by inadequately resourced teams, who are both under powered and relatively inexperienced. Their businesses are often not large enough to attract the right talent needed to drive business upward and avoid mistakes. Top grade talent in marketing, customer development, supply chain and manufacturing, product development and R&D and finance are expensive. But not having access this caliber of talent is even more costly.


Our Engagement Model Targets the Barriers to Entrepreneur Success

and leads to better outcomes from our portfolio companies, and better returns for our investors


general partners are industry experts

S CAP's General Partners are industry veterans with deep operational experience in the investment sectors of each fund.

We have a team of high caliber advisors who are recognized industry-wide as the best in the business. They are able to support the entrepreneur cost effectively, and bring expertise otherwise unaffordable to the portfolio company.


high engagement with focused entrepreneurs

We partner with our Entrepreneurs at a very high engagement level to bring our expertise and experience to bear on business strategy, plans and execution to help our Entrepreneurs deliver the most value as possible to their companies.

This is much more than quarterly “check & inspects”. We work hand in hand with our entrepreneurs to help them deliver the best possible outcomes on their business.


extended funding supports the business plan

We provide funding for 24-36 months to support an extended period of planning and execution. This allows the Entrepreneur to focus on building their business instead of constantly seeking capital to support their growth plans.

We manage our investments with three main risk mitigation steps: i) investment tranches are linked to milestone achievement; ii) we create common goals for the entrepreneur and all stakeholders; and iii) investments from SCAP are linked to specific initiatives and corresponding metrics to address business opportunities.


better control of outcomes

To best support the entrepreneur and our investors, we deploy funding in milestone based tranches. This allows the general partners and the entrepreneur to regularly review progress, and adjust or pivot as necessary to ensure successful delivery of targets, thereby maximizing value creation for both the entrepreneur and the investor.


superior fund performance

This combination of entrepreneurs focused on business growth, high engagement with industry experts and long term planning will deliver better returns for our investors as we will have fewer business failures and stronger results from our portfolio at large.

We Care Passionately About How We Conduct Our Business

and we seek partners who feel the same way



We accelerate businesses that make a positive impact. Our goal is to achieve sustainability for our entrepreneurs and a higher ROI for our limited partners.


We pay careful attention to developing trust and nurturing authentic long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.


We implement a fiscally responsible business model with flexibility for growth and encourage our entrepreneurs to do the same.


We insist on honesty and fairness as the standard for which we measure our actions. We apply the highest moral code to everything we do.


We insist on total accountability from ourselves and our entrepreneurs.

Who We Are


We are team of industry experts who are committed to deliver superior results to our investors by helping entrepreneurs achieve outstanding outcomes for their companies.