Kunal Sethi

Founder and Managing Partner

Kunal has over 20 years of institutional investment experience beginning with MetLife, which gave him the opportunity to experience different cultures in the financial world, something that lay the foundation for him to better understand that clients expect more than expert investment management. They deserve clear and comprehensive information on their holdings and prompt responses to questions and requests for information.

Kunal has also held several management positions with ABN AMRO, RBS and ANZ that led to record banking revenues, helping them uphold their position as premier investment banks through economic turmoil. He has led and completed multiple Clean Energy transactions, both upstream & downstream. He covered consumer sectors like Food, Agribusiness and Diversified Industrials with an extensive background in mergers & acquisitions, asset securitizations and private equity offerings. He played a key role in many of the firm’s key client relationships in investment banking, having raised over $500M.

Following a successful recovery from lymphoma, Kunal took his career in a new direction by creating S CAP as a new approach to impact investing on sectors essential to the livelihood of humankind such Food, Water, Renewables & Waste Management.

Kunal is also an active angel investor in the insect protein, culinary, bio therapeutic and medical diagnostic spaces, always leading or co-investing at the pre seed and seed rounds. A Mancunian who believes real football is played on Saturdays at Tuscaloosa.