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S CAP is an impact investor partnering with Food & Beverage and Clean Tech companies in the natural product industry. At S CAP we offer a team of industry experts that support founders with funding, market expansion, branding and scalability.

Our vision is to bridge the pioneer gap, offering companies strategic capital while leveraging our world class network. S CAP uses this approach to streamline our ventures, ensuring scalability for market growth.

We are committed to accelerating businesses that are positively impacting our world with healthier, all-natural, high-integrity products. Our goal is to achieve sustainability for entrepreneurs while accomplishing higher ROI for our limited partners.



Differentiated Approach

The S CAP model is a three-way partnership between entrepreneurs, limited partners, and S CAP capabilities. This partnership allows the entrepreneur to do what they do best: building the business. We provide continuity of funding so the entrepreneur is not distracted from their core duties, and remain highly engaged with the business through our partners and investors. And we create an investment roadmap so each stakeholder is clear about specific initiatives and corresponding results.


Propel Business Value



S CAP works with a global network of limited partners who invest in a sustainable business.

Through exhaustive due diligence, S CAP can determine the potential market reach of each venture we support and ensure a successful exit.



S CAP works closely with the Entrepreneur to optimize their offering and commercialization plans. We leverage our resources to offer best-in-class capabilities normally not available to the entrepreneur, such as food development & innovation pipeline, branding & consumer communication, customer development & e-commerce, and manufacturing & supply chain.



We accelerate businesses that make a positive impact. Our goal is to achieve sustainability for our entrepreneurs and a higher ROI for our limited partners.


We pay careful attention to developing trust and nurturing authentic long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.


We implement a fiscally responsible business model with flexibility for growth and encourage our entrepreneurs to do the same.


We insist on honesty and fairness as the standard for which we measure our actions. We apply the highest moral code to everything we do.


We insist on total accountability from ourselves and our entrepreneurs.


Partnering with disruptive products to bring about significant social change

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming more mainstream as communities across the globe face multifaceted issues involving their health, nutrition and environment. Forward-thinking companies have realized that sustainability is crucial not only to their own success, but also to the continued existence of the markets they serve. As this awareness increases, so does the focus on CSR by entrepreneurs. Giving something back to the world—both through the environment we share and the products we consume—is our core focus, our raison d’être.


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